Speakers Bureau Newsletter - January 2019

A Message from Chairman, Robert Benedon


We all remember Y2K when life as we knew was predicted to end. Computers would crash, planes would cease to fly but at the same time Jewish National Fund was reinventing itself under the leadership of Russell F. Robinson.


Fast forward almost 20 years to 2019 and Jewish National Fund making the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters in Israel immeasurably better. 


Our family of professionals and lay leaders work day in and day out for the good of our beloved Israel. Included in this newsletter is a schedule of when our partners are in town. Another area of tremendous growth is the plethora of amazing speakers that make up the Speakers Bureau. Speak with our professional Cheryl Lefland to arrange a speaker and use the Speakers Bureau as a valuable resource to spread the word about JNF’s vision. 


Start planning now for the exciting months ahead:


February is Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAAIM). Please use the opportunity to spread the word about JNF’s involvement with Disabilities & Special Needs through parlor meetings and solicitations.


Celebrate the Power of Women – May is Women’s Month (Mother’s Day is May 12th). Every region is encouraged to host a Women’s Campaign event or parlor meeting in May.


Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year,



Featured Speakers

As we head into 2019, we encourage you to begin planning now for spring and fall events. Bring a JNF Speaker to your community for a JNF Breakfast, Tree of Life™ event, Women for Israel, JNFuture, synagogue program, and more. Review the travel schedules of some of our Israeli speakers and take advantage if one may be nearby.  


View Speaker schedules

February is Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAAIM)

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Jewish National Fund is proud of our work in Disabilities & Special Needs programs in Israel. In February, we encourage every region to host one of our passionate partners to tell their stories. Additionally, our dedicated members of the Task Force on Disabilities are available for parlor meetings and solicitations. Schedules are filling fast so please view availability on the partner schedule below.

May is Women's Month

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Every region is requested to plan a program in May. Ideas include inviting one of our speakers, Makor members, or National Women for Israel (WFI) Board members for a WFI luncheon or tea, parlor meeting, or Chai/Sapphire event. Add to our growing list of Women’s events planned to date with Libby Weiss, Ethan Zohn, Titi Ayanaw, and Siggy Flicker, among many others. We are also proud to showcase fabulous female keynote speakers like Bari Weiss and Noa Zer at major community events. Donations will be matched by a donor for Women's Month. 

Partner Visits

Our partners in Israel provide a direct connection to JNF projects in Israel. Their specific projects vary, but all partners offer an intriguing and enthusiastic view of JNF’s vision and why it makes a difference to the land and people of Israel.


Host a Partner at synagogue events, parlor meetings, community events, campuses and more.

View Partner schedules

Contact Cheryl Lefland at [email protected] to book a Partner or Speaker.  

Book a Makor member for year-round solicitation and speaking

Makor (Hebrew for “source”) is a specially-trained group of highly involved Jewish National Fund lay leaders committed to JNF’s mission. Makor members are JNF National spokespeople, ambassadors, educators, and fundraisers.


They work collaboratively with professionals to identify prospective donors, conduct direct solicitations, and assist in educating interested parties about JNF, its action areas, and its partners.


Makor members advocate for JNF, provide training, education, and inspiration to community lay leaders, support local professionals, teach solicitation techniques, and are involved in outreach to communities outside of their own.


This year, each community has an assigned Makor member. Please invite them for parlor meetings, synagogue events, and other engagements in addition to solicitations. Please welcome our Makor members and National Leaders into your communities to generate new leads and open doors as they are happy to make the ask.

Contact Cheryl Lefland at [email protected] to book a Makor member. 


Click Here for Makor 2019