Jewish National Fund-USA to Hold 9/11 Memorial Events Across the Country


New York, NY., August 30, 2021 — Every year, Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) honors American firefighters and first responders as the organization remembers the tragic events of 9/11. Through ceremonies in the United States and at the organization’s 9/11 Living Memorial in Israel, the memories of those lost on that tragic day are remembered by old and new generations alike.


In remembrance of 9/11, JNF-USA will facilitate a combination of commemorative and educational events across the country to recognize first responders that include:

  • School visits to police stations and firehouses to present commemorative certificates
  • Community ceremonies at local schools, synagogues, and temples involving entire schools, police/fire chiefs, local government representatives, and community organizations, and
  • A live virtual broadcast of JNF-USA’s official memorial service in Jerusalem.

JNF-USA has organized ceremonies in Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, Arizona, Seattle, Chicago, Florida, Boston, New Jersey, and New York for a total of more than 40 events. In addition, JNF-USA will be sending at least 20 school classes from around the country to present plaques at their local police stations and fire houses.


American semester abroad high school students from JNF-USA’s High School in Israel will also attend the organization’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony in Israel.


JNF-USA President Dr. Sol Lizerbram said: “20 years after 9/11 took thousands of lives and shook the country, JNF-USA recognizes the importance of honoring the firefighters who worked tirelessly to save as many lives as possible, as well as the everyday first responders in local communities who look after others. We are confident that the multitude of events we are holding across the country will not only properly honor these heroes but educate a generation on the sacrifice and bravery of these men and women.”


JNF-USA’s 9/11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel, is the only commemorative site of its type outside of the U.S. that lists all the names of those who perished on 9/11. JNF-USA holds a commemoration ceremony every year at the memorial in Jerusalem with members and veterans from the US Armed Forces, first responders, airline staff, diplomats, and other dignitaries in attendance.


JNF-USA 9-11 memorial Israel

JNF-USA's 9-11 memorial in Israel


JNF-USA Washington D.C. Board Senior Advisor and National Vice President, Government Relations, Baruch Fellner added: “On Shabbat mornings, Jewish liturgy includes a prayer to our Father of Mercy which reminds us of the millennia of martyrs cut down by the enemies of the good and the righteous. The epitome of this contagion of evil in our country was 9/11. As the United States and Israel’s relationship continues to evolve and flourish, we are forever joined by the umbilical of martyrs who will forever live in our memory. By hosting memorial events throughout the country, we are acknowledging the importance of remembering these souls while also strengthening the unshakable bond between the United States and the land and people of Israel.”


For more information or to get involved, contact JNF-USA Director, Community Engagement, Israel Advocacy and Education, Daniel Friedman at or 323-964-1400 x956.



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