Jewish National Fund-USA Donor Society Members in Boston Celebrate Philanthropic Impact in Israel


BOSTON, July 6, 2023 — Jewish National Fund-USA recently held a meaningful evening of appreciation for Donor Society members at Gore Place in Waltham to celebrate their philanthropic impact on the land and people of Israel and Jewish people everywhere.


Emily Pfeffer, Risa Aronson, Alon Ben-Gurion, Sara Hefez, Rhonda Forman

Emily Pfeffer, Risa Aronson, Alon Ben-Gurion, Sara Hefez, Rhonda Forman


The event, chaired by Risa & Steve Aronson and Rhonda & Eric Forman, featured keynote speaker Alon Ben-Gurion, the grandson of the State of Israel’s founder and its first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion shared how his grandfather’s vision is being brought to life through Jewish National Fund-USA’s work, and how as an acclaimed international hospitality consultant, he is using his extensive network and industry know-how to actively promote development in Israel’s Negev Desert.


Longtime partner (donor) and ambassador (lay leader) Jeffrey Woolf, and his late wife Mary Woolf of blessed memory, were presented with Jewish National Fund-USA’s Guardian of Israel Award in recognition of their leadership, creative achievements, generosity, and outstanding service.


“It is an honor to be involved, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve in various ways,” said Jeffrey, reflecting on his ongoing philanthropic support for Israel.


Jeffrey Woolf

Jeffrey Woolf


Woolf has served as Jewish National Fund-USA’s Boston Board President, local co-Chair of Lawyers for Israel, and is a current member of the organization’s Legacy Society and Disabilities Task Force. His late wife was also a member of the organization’s Women for Israel Sapphire Society and World Chairman’s Council – which Jeffrey remains a member of. Together, the couple put their passion for Israel into action, supporting many of Jewish National Fund-USA’s initiatives and programs, including Special in Uniform and the Israeli heritage site, Ammunition Hill.


Jewish National Fund-USA’s President of the Boston Board of Directors, Risa Aronson, also announced she will be passing the president’s gavel to the organization’s ambassador and longtime partner, Rhonda Forman, beginning October 1, 2023.


Eric Forman, Todd & Yadira Patkin, Charlie & Bari Popkin

Eric Forman, Todd & Yadira Patkin, Charlie & Bari Popkin


“It has been my honor to collaborate, motivate, and continue the meaningful work that we all do,” said Aronson. “I feel more confident than ever that we will continue to educate and grow our Jewish National Fund-USA family so that Israel’s future will be secure for many generations to come. I am so proud of the role our team continues to play in broadening and deepening the people-to-people connection between Israel and the United States.”


For more information about Jewish National Fund-USA in Boston and across New England, contact Sara Hefez, Executive Director, New England & the Capital Region at or 617.432.0999 x811.



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