Israeli Small Businesses Get Creative  in Face of Global Upheaval

Israeli small businesses in the country’s Negev Desert and Galilee affected by a lack of foot traffic establish ‘home-shopping-network’ style show appealing to U.S. consumers.



New York, NY – March 30, 2020: As small businesses in Israel’s north and south face unprecedented economic hardship, local proprietors have come together to create a U.S. focused online marketplace. Through the support of Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA), Israeli artisans and small business owners are sharing their stories and offering unique artisanal products via a new platform called Online Mitzvah Marketplace: Shop Israeli Goods. The initiative will help Israeli businesses operate outside of their traditional business model that relies on foot traffic from tourists.


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"As Israelis living in this region, we are familiar with occasional disruptions to our way of life,” said Western Galilee Now Chief Executive Officer, Michal Shiloah-Galnoor. “However, our small business community has never faced a challenge of this scope or magnitude before. There are so many unknowns, yet, JNF-USA remains one of the few constants we can rely on. We hope this new initiative will appeal to supporters of Israel in the U.S. who appreciate fine Israeli products and want to help our family businesses stay afloat.”


The “one-stop-shop” features daily 10-15-minute episodes available at with interviewees including Israeli craftsmen and small business owners from the country’s premier Negev Desert and Galilee region. Consumers can shop Israeli products online at or call 800.542.8733 for more information.


Shiloah-Galnoor added: “We are also helping our members to think outside the box to continue to keep busy and maintain their livelihood.  For example, Buza Ice Cream has launched Buza to Go, bringing their unique ice cream flavors to Israeli families who are practicing social distancing.  We are also developing virtual workshops for families to learn from our members about all kinds of things like cooking with Shula from Shtula, quilting with Hasi Fiber Studio, Herbal Health Tips and Tricks with TamaraHindi, and ceramic designs with Efrat from Kibbutz Kfar Masryk, just to name a few.  And for those who are unable to enjoy nature, we are creating Nature to Go videos and photos, to bring the natural beauty of Israel’s Galilee to your living room.”


Jewish National Fund-USA is the leading philanthropic organization for Israel that supports critical environmental and nation-building activities in Israel’s north and south. Through its One Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade, Jewish National Fund-USA is developing new communities in the Galilee and Negev, connecting the next generation to Israel, and creating infrastructure for ecology, special needs, and heritage preservation.




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