Gaza Envelope Members Show Appreciation for JNF-USA Support

Eshkol, Israel., May 21 2021 — As Israel’s south worked to thwart the barrage of rocket attacks coming from Gaza, they recognized that they were not alone in their defensive efforts. In a recent interview with ILTV, several heroes in the Gaza Envelope expressed their appreciation for Jewish National Fund-USA’s (JNF-USA) support of the land and people of Israel throughout these trying times.


Eshkol Region Community Center Head Michal Uziyahu said: “JNF-USA doesn’t only support us in emergencies. Sometimes, they will call us with a solution to a problem I didn’t even know existed. They are with us the day before and they are with us the day after. To have this partnership with someone who is always looking out for your needs is incredible.”


ILTV Report on JNF-USA


Uziyahu referred to several JNF-USA projects in Israel’s south, including the support of Israel’s Fire & Rescue operations, the Animal Therapy Center in S’derot, and the many resilience centers across the region.


“We don’t say ‘trauma centers’; we say resilience centers, because that’s what we’re focused on,” Uziyahu said. “We are focusing on the strength of our community, not our victimhood. We have amazing friends, and together we are doing amazing things.”


Volunteer Firefighter and Halutza Resident Yedidia Harush said: “Knowing that we have JNF-USA’s support always puts a smile on my face, because when I think about it, even though we have rockets over our heads as we speak, and even though we go to sleep scared and our kids are crying, we know that we’re going to pass through that because we’re not alone. Because we have all of you in the United States with us, as you have stood with us for many years.”


JNF-USA Spokesperson in Israel Yael Levontin said: “I am absolutely inspired by these incredible men and women and their commitment day in and day out to supporting the land and people of Israel takes my breath away. It makes me proud to be part of an organization that gives people like Michal and Yedidia, people I consider friends, the resources they need to save lives and protect Israel’s south from the physical and mental toll of this war.”


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