Terror Balloon Attacks Resume Against Israelis


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Eshkol Region, Israel., May 6, 2021 — Incendiary ‘terror balloons’ launched from the Gaza strip into Israeli communities along the border resumed on Thursday with firefighters currently battling blazes in fields surrounding Kibbutz Kissufim.


Eshkol Council Security Officer Ilan Isaacson said: “The incendiary kite and balloon season unfortunately starts again today. Our quick-response firefighting teams already battled 10 fires in the fields of local Eshkol communities.”


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According to Isaacson, many of the fields affected by the terror-lit fires were about to be harvested. “The fields mainly hit were wheat-fields that local farmers were preparing to harvest. In addition to limiting the loss of crops, we were also able to save many wildlife animals trapped by the fire. Thanks to Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) and their support for our firefighters, we can take these calls and get out to the field with the proper equipment to quickly save lives and property.”


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Through JNF-USA’s Fire & Rescue Task Force, the U.S. based organization has helped firefighters reduce their average response time from 15 minutes to 7 minutes. In turn, this has helped reduced the number of acres burnt from 10,000 to 1,500 acres.


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JNF-USA Fire & Rescue Co-Chair Penny Rosen said: “It’s heartbreaking to see Israel’s fields alight with fires caused by terror balloons. Yet it is times like this that I feel especially proud to support Israel’s brave firefighters who are literally on the front lines protecting the country’s precious environment while saving lives and livelihoods. We will always be here for them today, tomorrow, and forever.”


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JNF-USA Fire & Rescue Co-Chair Mark Egerman added: “While we cannot prevent these terror balloons being flown into Israel, we can support Israel’s firefighters with everything they need to defend the communities within the Eshkol region and Gaza envelope – and that’s exactly what we’re doing. From helping them reach fires faster to providing them with the best firefighting equipment, we are ensuring they have everything they need to protect the land and people of Israel.”


To support Israel’s firefighters, visit jnf.org/firefighting. For more information about JNF-USA’s Fire & Rescue Task Force, contact Sara Hefez at shefez@jnf.org or 617.423.0999 x811.



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