Jewish National Fund-USA and Fuel For Truth Announce Pro-Israel Partnership

Jewish National Fund-USA and Fuel For Truth Announce Pro-Israel Partnership



November 20, 2019 — New York, NY — Reinforcing its commitment to the next generation of Jewish leaders, Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) has forged a new partnership with Fuel For Truth (FFT), a leading pro-Israel education and advocacy organization equipping young professionals with the tools they need to be effective advocates for Israel.


“As part of our nationwide Israel Continuum, Jewish National Fund-USA builds bridges, fosters pro-Israel coalitions, and develops strategies that highlight the overwhelmingly positive force for good that Israel represents,” said Jewish National Fund-USA President Dr. Sol Lizerbram. “Our decision to partner with FFT is both deliberate and strategic.


Jewish National Fund-USA brings thousands of young professionals closer to Israel through JNFuture, our division for young professionals ages 22-40. We often have people who take part in JNF-USA’s JNFuture Volunteer Vacation program in Israel, who come back inspired and want to get involved. The great thing about JNF-USA is that we encourage their involvement and create a framework where every Jewish National Fund-USA executive must have a representative from JNFuture on it.”

Jewish National Fund-USA is the leading philanthropic organization for Israel that supports critical environmental and nation-building activities in Israel’s north and south. Through its One Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade, Jewish National Fund-USA is developing new communities in the Negev and Galilee, connecting the next generation to Israel, and creating infrastructure and programs that support ecology, individuals with special needs, and heritage site preservation.

“I cannot think of a better partner for us than Jewish National Fund-USA,” said Fuel For Truth Chairman Ron Wasserman. “Their iconic Blue Box has been a staple in Jewish households for over a century, connecting people to the land of Israel. In addition, the work they do on a daily basis – both domestically and in Israel – is unparalleled in the Jewish world. More than ever before, FFT is fueled by our ambition to support the next generation of pro-Israel advocates, and I’m excited to see FFT partner with JNF-USA as we write the next chapter in our organization’s story.”

Jewish National Fund-USA is driving Jewish continuity with 25% of funds from its signature One Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade going to Jewish and Zionist education, providing programming for schoolteachers, operating the Alexander Muss High School in Israel – an American high-school semester abroad program in Israel, along with a multitude of Israel based programs for university students and young professionals.

“Even though I’ve lived and worked in Israel, it was only after I participated in FFT’s training course that I was able to gain the skills and information I was looking for to be an effective advocate for Israel,” said JNFuture Boston Board Member Ben S. “JNFuture serves as the primary link between young Jewish professionals and Israel focused philanthropy, and I believe that the expertise, organizational impact, and resources that Jewish National Fund-USA brings to the equation will create a new and exciting future for FFT.”

Since 2001, FFT has served the community by facilitating Israel advocacy training and Jewish communal engagement via a number of initiatives, including its intensive 5-10-week class, called Boot Camp, for young professionals across the U.S. The program combines high-level analysis of Israeli history and current events with proven communication skills rooted in social psychology and emotional intelligence.

“There is so much work to be done on the Israel advocacy front, and this partnership is a watershed moment as we educate our community’s young leaders who are stepping up and making Israel a priority,” said JNFuture Los Angeles Chair Jordan Freedman. “As an FFT graduate, I found their program to be an amazing educational and eye-opening experience. The program allowed me to dig into complex topics and educate myself about a variety of issues, enabling me to be a more effective advocate for Israel. The more I learn about our people’s rich history, the more Zionistic my heart grows.”


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