Jewish National Fund-USA Briefs Supporters on Ongoing Israel Situation


NEW YORK, October 10, 2023 — As the situation in Israel continues to evolve, Jewish National Fund-USA has kept its volunteers appraised of everything going on. On October 10, 2023, the organization held a virtual briefing, where they updated supporters on the call on the situation in several key regions, including Sderot and the Arava region.


Supporters first heard from Director of Development, Sderot Municipality, Dorel Avramovitz, who noted that the death in Sderot has passed 30. He offered reassurances, however, saying that the army has been brought in and the city is safer, with residents now able to leave their homes to buy essentials. He stressed the need for mental health support, noting the trauma that the attacks have caused.


They then heard from Deputy Director-Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Emmanuel Nachshon, who discussed the diplomatic side of the war. He said that Hamas has mostly been cleared from Israel; however, the fight has only begun. “We are now in emergency mode,” he said. “We believe this is going to last quite a long time. This is going to be the single issue we work on until the end of the year, and maybe later.”


Finally, Resource Development Director, Central Arava Regional Council, Noa Zer addressed the virtual crowd, noting that since the Arava was less affected by Hamas, they were better able to support their brethren. Over 1,000 people from the Gaza Envelope have fled to the Arava, a 20% population increase. Families have taken in the displaced people, and the community is doing everything they can to support the refugees.


Jewish National Fund-USA’s Arava Emergency Response Center (ERC) volunteers have spread across moshavim to help those who need it most, and the ERC is also sending packages of supplies, food, toys, and clothes to displaced families. The organization’s Arava Medical Center teams opened health stations at Dead Sea hotels to treat evacuees from Gaza Envelope that can't return. And its Vidor Center and Aquatic Center are open daily for families, providing a much-needed respite from tragedy by giving a sense of fun and normalcy.


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