New JNFuture Campaign Exec Ready to Make Impact in Dallas

DALLAS, September 29, 2022 — Jewish National Fund-USA is excited to welcome Oded Wilson as the new Campaign Executive for the organization’s young philanthropist division, JNFuture, in Dallas. An innovative thinker with extensive Jewish nonprofit experience and deep ties to the Dallas community, Oded is a welcome addition to the organization.


Wilson previously worked at the Jewish Agency and Hillel International as the regional manager of the Israel fellows’ program in the Midwest and the West coast, where his responsibilities included hiring and onboarding new Israeli young professionals to work in different Hillel locations, as well as donor management, maintaining and developing new business partnerships with Hillel International, connecting students to Israel, and Israel education.


Oded Wilson

Oded Wilson


Born, raised, and educated in Israel, Oded spent his summers in Dallas with his extended family and looks forward to building bridges and deepening the relationship between the two regions.


“I want to tell the story of Israel and the Jewish people while creating a dialogue talking about the challenges Israel faces today and connecting it to the life of my fellow young professionals. Bringing Dallas to Israel and Israel to Dallas,” said Wilson.


Wilson will be hosting his first event for Dallas’ young philanthropists ages 22-40 on October 12, 2022, at 6:00 pm at the JNFuture Sip & Schmooze, taking place at HG Sply Co. in Dallas.


“My goal is to grow our young professional community in Dallas by providing opportunities to figure out how they want to make a difference and help them find the specific path to make a change and support the land and people of Israel,” Wilson added. “I look forward to hosting more events, shabbat dinners, and other in-person networking opportunities for new people that are moving to Dallas and those who have lived here their entire lives as we create a space for all of us to connect, achieve our goals, dream big, and achieve a positive impact for the land and people of Israel.”


Oded Wilson can be reached at or 214.433.6600 x942.



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