Fulfilling the Dream of Aliyah




TODAY, AS IN THE PAST, well-educated, passionate olim (new residents from North America) are more essential to Israel’s future than ever. Aliyah (“moving to Israel”) flights are greeted by thousands of people, including government officials, welcoming olim to their new home and supporting their initiative to enhance Israel’s communities. In 1901, Jewish National Fund’s focus was on buying land and planting trees to build a nation. Today, Jewish National Fund is planting people in Israel, strengthening the nation through 21st Century aliyah with partner Nefesh B’Nefesh. With the goal of nation building, Jewish National Fund infuses Israel with thousands of skilled and idealistic new citizens, who drive economic growth and development. Olim are living the Zionist dream, bringing power to every aspect of Israeli society and ensuring a promising future.

Support Aliyah and Israel’s New Residents
Help fulfill the dream. Take a virtual seat on an Aliyah flight to Israel to support the passionate new residents (olim) voluntarily immigrating to Israel to build their new lives. For $1,000 per seat, you can be a part of this beautiful dream.