Har HaNegev Search and Rescue Education Center

Ensuring Visitors Safety

Rescue Center


Ramat HaNegev draws hikers and recreationists alike to its beautiful terrain, and the volunteer based Har HaNegev Search & Rescue Team is critical to ensuring its visitors safety, leading an average of 80 rescues per year, including rope and water rescues. The New Har HaNegev Search and Rescue Facility will become a hub of operations for these rescues, offering storage for equipment and training to volunteers. The more robust presence for the Search and Rescue team will enable Ramat HaNegev to promote tourism, and in turn, lead to increased employment and quality of life.


Funding Opportunities

EQUIPMENT FUND:  $2,500 - $5,000

Provide ropes, harnesses, field computers, and GPS equipment and more for critical rescues through the Har HaNegev Search and Rescue Education Center.



For other giving levels and donation opportunities for Har HaNegev Search and Rescue Education Center, please contact Matt Leebove at [email protected]


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