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Video Library

The Israel Advocacy & Education Department has put together a digital collection of inspiring and informative video content on topics relating to Israel. This collection includes lessons on topics pertaining to Israel taught and produced by Israel Educators at Alexander Muss High School in Israel, and videos from Jewish National Fund-USA affiliates. These videos are available to show your students and provide you with educational content.


  • Ahad Ha’am

  • King Herod the Great

  • How Benjamin Netanyahu Keeps on Winning

  • How the Eichmann Trial Changed the Jewish People

  • Ethiopian Jewry

  • David Ben-Gurion & George Washington

  • The Rebbe Who Became an Atheist and Then a Rebbe Again

  • Elie Wiesel and the Trial of God


  • The Magic of the Golan

  • The Land of Israel: A Good Place to Converge

  • Lesser Known Stories of Israel

  • Tzvat & Spirituality

  • Caesarea

  • Sderot with Doni

  • Sderot with Lisa & Doni

  • Sderot with Benjy

  • JNF Children’s Park

  • Zikhron Ya’akov

  • Sderot Indoor Recreation Center

  • Tel Gezer 1

  • Tel Gezer 2

  • Liberty Bell Park

  • Kiryat Anavim Cemetery 1

  • Kiryat Anavim Cemetery 2

  • Kastel

  • Sha’ar HaGai

  • Chasan Beck Mosque

  • Ayalon Valley

  • Sarona Market

  • Burma Road

  • Mazkeret Batya

  • Hulda Forest

  • Ashdod

  • Shvil Israel

  • Hertzel St.

  • Kiryat Gat

  • Yavne

  • Old City Gates

  • Israeli Supermarket

  • Modi’in

  • Arad, Negev

  • City of David, Jerusalem


  • So, What’s the IDF Really Like?

  • Culture Clashes in Israel

  • Aliyah and Acclimating to Life in Israel

  • The Music of Israel

  • The Tel Aviv Bus Station

Ancient History

  • Rembrandt, Verdi, Boney M. and Lewis & Clark

  • Zionism Renewed: Finding Yourself in the Renaissance

  • Amazing Archeological Discoveries!

  • The Aleppo Codex

  • Archaeology & Tanakh


  • Jeremiah

  • Tisha B’Av

  • Ezekiel’s ‘Dry Bones’ Prophecy

  • The Israelites in Egypt

  • The Book of Ruth

  • How God Runs the World

  • Redemption in Our Time?