Jewish National Fund-USA affiliates are on the ground at the Ukrainian border and in Israel helping refugees find safety - both emotionally and physically - as well as setting them up for a successful future during this tumultuous time. 



Our Work on the Border and in Israel

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Ukraine Relief Update with Megan Turner,

Lauder Employment Center



Ukraine Relief Update with Nisan Ben Hamo, Mayor of Arad


Ukraine Relief Update with Doreet Freedman, Nefesh B’ Nefesh


Ukraine Relief Update with Ido Reichman Eisikovits, Green Horizons



·     Recruiting Ukrainian and Russian-speaking volunteers to locate and provide proper shelter for women and children.

·     Distributing food, baby formula, sweets and snacks, blankets, and diapers, as well as toys, to be distributed to refugees that fled Ukraine.

·     Providing Ukrainian and Russian-speaking psychologists for anyone who needs mental health assistance, especially children.

·     Preparing for the absorption of immigrants and refugees from Ukraine in all MAKOM communities in Israel while recruiting local volunteers.




·    Using Jerusalem Campus as a collection site for hygiene products, clothes, toys, and additional supplies for the incoming Olim (immigrants) from Ukraine. 

·    Organizing shipments to deliver these products to the distribution centers.

·    Offered Nefesh B'Nefesh’s Tel Aviv Hub to groups who have created “command centers” to manage their vital operations and help sponsor some of their activities.

·    Leveraging network of Tech companies to help Ukrainians find gainful employment.



·     Putting together a special employment program for Ukranian refugees.

·     Integrating the new arrivals and assisting with giving them tools, knowledge, and resources through training and finding jobs.


·     Volunteers are traveling to the Ukrainian border to provide all the help, support, and activities needed to help the refugees as they cross the borders to safety.

·     Recruiting Russian-speaking counselors to welcome children arriving in Israel. 

·     Leading activities to help alleviate the families struggles and to provide and safe and happy environment for them. 




 ·    Spearheading the "Emergency First Home in Israel" program to provide 15 families new homes in the Eilot region. 

·     Initiating the building of permanent housing for Ukrainian refugees

·    Establishing study space and school programs for families and children.


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$5,000: Provides care packages for 100 mothers and small children, including diapers, hygiene products, small toys and snacks through MAKOM


$5,000: To support one-Ukrainian family for six-months upon arrival in Israel, including basic supplies, meals, support group activities, and after school enrichment provided by MAKOM


$10,000: To sponsor a MAKOM Support Team on one of the Ukrainian borders providing humanitarian assistance


$10,000: Provides outdoor after school enrichment programs for 25 school children through Jewish National Fund-USA affiliate Green Horizons, Israel’s leading youth movement organization


$18,000: Supports a week of programming and assistance for up to 100 kids at Camp Nes Harim located within American Independence Park outside of Jerusalem


$25,000: Provides 25 refugees with two months of job counseling and placement services for Ukrainian Olim through Jewish National Fund-USA’s  Ronald S. Lauder Employment Center


$30,000: One bus to evacuate refugees from Ukraine through our affiliate Nefesh B’Nefesh


$40,000: Cost of one home for "Emergency First Home" program in the Arava


$250,000: For website development and translation into Ukrainian and Russian for the Jewish National Fund-USA Ronald S. Lauder Employment Center


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