A New Cookbook Coming Soon from Southern NJ President Cindy Silvert

ALIYAH Cookbook Cover

Check back here for more information regarding the upcoming ALIYAH—a collection of personal histories and recipes from around the world—by JNF's very own Southern NJ President Cindy Silvert.

In case you missed it, here's an interview with Cindy from the most recent issue of B'Yachad.

In your research for the book, were there similarities or differences between variations of Jewish foods that surprised you?

I was blown away by the range of breads—no wonder Jews are always on a diet!

What's one ingredient you can't live without?

An Ethiopian spice mix made by Shoshana Sohelo, chef of Tzlal restaurant in Be'er Sheva. (Featured in the Summer 2020 issue of B'Yachad)

How has the Israeli food scene evolved since you lived there?

The ingredients were always better, but the convergence of cultures and creativity are just exploding now.

What advice would you give Jews who want to try foods from other traditions?

Invite yourself over. It worked for me.

What's your favorite Israeli dish?

Dinner at a Tunisian grill. The endless salads and meat dishes are like manna from heaven.

In your opinion, why is food such a powerful lens to view Jewish culture through?

Judaism is all about elevating the physical, and food plays a major role in it. How did we keep Shabbat in Iran? How did we celebrate Passover in Morocco? The recipes and traditions passed down teach us how we preserved our identity as we integrated into cultures around the world. The unique scents and spices are a homing device that connect us to our heritage and generations past.

Could you beat Bobby Flay in a cooking showdown? What about Jamie Geller or Rachael Ray?

Nobody beats Bobby. Jamie, Rachael, and I are all homecooks. Jamie rocks Jewish dishes, Rachael does Italian, and I'm a free agent. I won't lie, it's hit or miss.

More information coming soon! In the meantime, visit to learn more about the Galilee Culinary Institute by JNF.

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