Immediate Needs

Blue Box of Services for the Land and People of Israel


Children and Education

Help one child per week by supporting the efforts of MAKOM and Green Horizons volunteers who are caring for the children of critical medical workers at Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital.


Support for Farmers

Supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to one teenage volunteer farmer from HaShomer HaChadash to help them stay safe while harvesting fruit and vegetables.


People with Disabilities

Funding toward special transport arrangements for people with disabilities at ALEH Negev‑Nahalat Eran who can no longer travel with other residents. Your support goes toward $100,000 in monthly transport expenses.


Economic Development

Help a small business in the Negev or Galilee learn how to market their brand. The Lauder Employment Center is running "marketing and branding" web training courses. Your support goes toward the $1,000 cost of each course.


Economic Development

Help 10 job seekers in the Negev and Galilee find employment. The Lauder Employment Center provides "Preparing for the Day After" online courses for job seekers to work on their resumes, prepare for job interviews, and teach how to follow-up on opportunities in the quickly changing job market.


Economic Development

Support an episode of Online Mitzvah Marketplace: Shop Israeli Goods. Your name will be recognized as a show sponsor.


Elderly Residents

Sponsor food and necessities for senior citizens and the MAKOM volunteers who are supporting them in the Negev and Galilee.


People with Disabilities

Supply one laptop or tablet for a child with disabilities from a low socioeconomic background, helping them to continue their treatment and studies remotely.

DONATE $1,800

Economic Development

Support one week's operation of an "HR Help Desk" that is advising small businesses in the Negev on how to keep in touch with employees working remotely, how to plan for when the situation gets back to normal, and how to navigate HR legal issues.

DONATE $4,000