Juggling the Cows and Home



Anat Avigad was a vegetable farmer but she always wanted to be a Dairy Farmer.


She decided that this is what she wanted to do in her life! She pushed forward in her 40s while raising four kids and opened her very own dairy farm in Moshav Idan. The only dairy farm in the region besides one in Faran. She has 300 milk cows and 70 calves. She produces 3.8 million liters of milk per year.


Anat’s day begins at 4am with milking the cows – and in between she juggles being a fulltime mom and full-time businesswoman. "I am also a full-time mother. Overall, most days I’m juggling between the cows and my home. You can also run a family as a barn manager, though that it's not simple sometimes, but whoever said life is simple.” Running a dairy farm – is very much running a business like any other. Anat works as the farm manager as well as working on the business side and raising her beautiful family.


“If you love something then you do it wholeheartedly, that's the important thing and not gender”. 



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