Help Yourself And The Land And People Of Israel With A Gift Of Real Estate


Many Jewish National Fund partners have created significant wealth through ownership and investment in real estate. As with all successful investments, however, the art of selling it correctly takes as much planning and thought as making the investment in the first place. With every successful investment you have a silent partner in Uncle Sam, and State Governors that come looking for their portion of your good fortune through the collection of taxes.  As a consequence, how you dispose of real estate can make a huge difference in the ultimate success of the investment because of federal and state taxes which are due on sale, and estate taxes which can still be significant for estates over a certain amount.


You may be surprised that a gift of real estate to JNF can offer you flexibility, as well as income and tax advantages. The gift can include an eventual distribution to yourself and or loved ones, or simply offer a source of income during your lifetime. No matter your priorities, you can make your real estate work for you and benefit the land and people of Israel through the work of Jewish National Fund.


How can I dispose of a property I just don’t want to keep anymore? - You can simply deed the property to Jewish National Fund. The fair market value of the property as determined by an appraisal is a full tax-deductible contribution. Moreover, any capital gains taxes would be eliminated. Once property is gifted deeded to Jewish National Fund it will be sold, and the management responsibilities will be ours.


How can I donate my real estate and receive an income stream during my life? - Jewish National Fund can show you how to donate your real estate through a charitable remainder trust. The trust will pay you and/or your loved ones annual income for life, or a term of years. The charitable remainder trust provides you with income, as well as tax benefits such as the elimination of lump sum capital gains taxes and an income tax deduction.


What if I want my heirs to ultimately own the property? -  A type of trust called a charitable lead trust allows you to donate property and remove the assets from your estate for estate and gift tax purposes, thus providing a gift and estate sanctuary for assets expected to appreciate. A Charitable Lead Trust can also serve to leverage your gifts to children and grandchildren. This type of trust pays an income to Jewish National Fund for a term of years, enabling you to experience the impact of your support now. When the trust terminates the property will be returned to your children or designated beneficiaries.


Can I donate my home now and continue to live in it? - Yes, through a retained life estate, you can donate your primary residence to JNF, receive a tax deduction, and continue to live in it for your lifetime or until you are ready to sell.


Jewish National Fund’s Planned Giving specialists can offer some unique ideas that are problem solving and tax smart.  We can show you how to use certain real estate properties to save taxes, provide for heirs, and support the land and people of Israel at the same time.


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