Help Yourself And The Land And People Of Israel With A Gift Of Stocks And Bonds



One of the enduring aspects of 2021 is the continuing increase in the stock market. Indeed, the markets have reached all-time highs. As we approach Tax Day this May for taxes due from 2020, this may be the perfect time to look ahead to the end of 2021 and do some planning to minimize the coming tax bill.


Among the simplest and effective tax mitigation strategies for stock market investors is the use of donating long term appreciated stocks or mutual funds. When you do there are several benefits that make it an effective strategy.

Benefits of Giving Appreciated Stocks and Mutual Funds

  • Avoid federal capital gains taxes up to 23.8%.
  • Receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of your stocks on the day Jewish National Fund receives them.
  • Reduce your Federal and State income taxes.
  • Capture the appreciated value of your stocks and end the worrying of market ups and downs.

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds is very easy to do. In fact, all you need to do is call one of Jewish National Fund’s Planned Giving Specialists and we will give you all the information you need!


Consider directing your gift of appreciated stocks to a Jewish National Fund Donor Advised Fund. This is a low-cost smart way to manage your charitable giving. A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable giving account. You can donate cash or appreciated assets of any kind and receive a full tax deduction for 2021 and reduce your capital gains tax to zero. You can choose how to invest your fund amongst a choice and combination of six professionally managed portfolios to let your fund grow. When you are ready, you can make grants to Jewish National Fund or other charities that you support at your discretion and timing.


There are other tax-smart ideas that will let you lock in your stock market gains, avoid costly capital gains taxes, reduce your income taxes, and receive generous tax-advantaged income. A Jewish National Fund Charitable Gift Annuity, for example, can do all of that for you including earning an income rate of up to 9.0% depending on your age.


Jewish National Fund Planned Giving Professionals are truly some of the

best in the business. We have a wealth of information to share with you that can help reduce your taxes, provide for your heirs while supporting the land and people of Israel at the same time.


You can reach us by phone at 800-562-7526 or via email at Also, check out the information on our web site at


We look forward to hearing from you!!


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