Help the Gaza Envelope Communities

Help The Gaza Envelope Communities
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Our Israeli brothers and sisters living in the communities on the border with Gaza, known as the Gaza Envelope, are facing a wave of extreme terrorism.


Sirens at night wake terrified children as they hear the sounds of the Iron Dome shooting down missiles of hate.


Flammable balloons and incendiary kites drop on farmlands, destroying crops, livelihoods, and dreams.


Every week mobs gather with chants of death and destruction to Israel and the Jewish people.


We are there - Jewish National Fund - yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Let’s continue the partnership. Let’s show the world we are one.


What can you do?

  • Fund trauma resilience centers and animal assisted therapy in the region. Recognition opportunities start at $25,000. Campaign goal: $1,000,000
  • Add 2 bomb shelters that can house 100 people each. Campaign goal: $60,000
  • Paint the 20 bomb shelters already in place to make them more child-friendly. $5,000 each. Campaign goal: $100,000
  • Fund operations for the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. Campaign Goal: $300,000
  • Fund 3 new fire trucks at $125,000 each. Campaign goal: $375,000
  • Fund 10 fire extinguisher carts at $50,000 each. Campaign goal: $500,000
  • Fund life-saving fire equipment, starting at $5,000 each

These needs are urgent and crucial - they are being asked of us directly from our partners on the ground in the region. Let's show them we are there today, during these critical times, as we are every day.