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As people living in the communities on the border with Gaza are spending their days and nights in bomb shelters, and IDF soldiers are bravely defending our beloved homeland, we here in the United States are asking, "what can we do to help?"


First and foremost, we pray for the safety of our friends and families in Israel and the IDF soldiers. Next, we jump into action as true partners with the people on the ground in Israel every day. From our past experience and our first-hand conversations with those impacted, we know how we can make a tangible difference.





The people living in communities on the border with Gaza need respite away from the constant sirens and threat of attack. Jewish National Fund-USA is offering services, including transportation and shelter, away from the areas hardest hit by the barrage of rockets, including:


· Hotel stays for 150 families for 2 nights in locations away from those under rocket attack ($700 per family room with 4 to 5 people, includes breakfast and dinner both days)

· Outdoor camping sites for 80 families for 2 nights ($440 per site)

· Day trips with buses and activities for the families and teenagers who are not being evacuated (1,000 buses, $1,800 per bus)

· Internal respite in Gaza Envelope communities, including 500 arts and crafts activities kits ($180 per kit) and 47 suitcases with board games for the shelters ($1,500 each)




· "Day after" programs for the communities to include individual, family, and group therapy sessions for as many residents as possible: 

  • Individual Therapy Cost $2,400 for 30 sessions per person
  • Family Therapy Cost $5,000 for 30 sessions per family
  • Group Therapy Cost: $7,000 for 30 sessions per group

· Beautify a Bomb Shelter at $10,000 each 

· Build new community shelters at $250,000 each 

Thank you for standing with us.