Nov 28, 2012  By Karmit Arbel Rumbak  Category: Education,

Proud to be part of the JNF family

Dear friends,

Now that all the kids are safely back home, I can sit and write you how amazing your gift was and say a huge THANK YOU!!!!

When Alon asked us to do what ever we can to help the kids in the south, we didn't know how complicated it would be.
Many people were scared that their kids will go on a bus and drive throw the fire zone. More then that, after the rockets over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv -no were looked safe to send the kids.  Even when we found families that are willing to let the kid come to the fun camp,the collecting regulations and getting out of the fire zone were very harsh and difficult.  At the end, we succeeded in less than two days to collect 200 kids and families in needs from Sderot, Kiryat Malachi, Beer Sheva, Gan Yavne and Ashkol for 3 days in Jerusalem.

Every group had its own special needs and the feedback was amazing! The social worker from Kryat Malachi told me that those 3 days made a change she couldn't have made in a year of processing with those families. Even when my husband came to shoot the activity for a short film, dozens of girls from Sderot religious school jumped on him and asked him to film them saying thank you to JNF.

It was incredible to see how thankful and happy everybody were !!!!!  It was even surprising to see how people, that have nothing to do with activities like Green Horizons, were enthusiastic and connected to the activities that Jerusalem's Green Horizons  organized for them and enjoyed sitting next to the bonfire and having outdoor activities. 

I must admit that this was a very special mission for me as a fund raiser because I knew where the money comes from and JNF's donors had faces in my head. I felt the need to choose how to spend the money in a way it will do the most to those people in minimal price.  It may sound silly, but I even preferred to buy products in the super market and cut vegetables in one of the days so I could save hundreds of shakels on expensive sandwiches for lunch :)  I was happy to know that JNF trusts us to spend the money wisely so we can do the most with it.

I want to say BIG thank you to Michal and Shorashim staff-they were wonderful and really helped me in all the logistical aspects and made this crazy operation work smoothly as possible!  Neot Kedumim and Ayalon Institute were willing in a day notice to host us for free and make the trip fun and educational.  I was very thankful when the City Of David and Israel Museum also offered to host all of our kids for free .

Personally I am extremely proud of being part of the JNF family and thank you for allowing us to make things really happen!!!

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