Nov 19, 2012  By Shira Reifman  Category: Education,

Thank you JNF!

Dear JNF, 
On behalf of a very grateful Reifman family, and hundreds of others from Yad Binyamin, I want to thank you immensely for partnering with the Matnas Nachal Soreq to provide a wonderful day trip for our children.  My daughters enjoyed Keftzuba immensely and were able to forget the blare of the sirens and the anxiety that they induce, at least temporarily.   
Although my daughters are typically very confident and independent, they have not wanted to stray far from home over the past few days.  They did not want to go to the park or leave our house over Shabbat and, without school and after-school activities, they were definitely getting "cabin-fever."  At Keftzuba, they returned to their usual, happy selves.  They went off to enjoy the rides and attractions while I set up my computer and was able to get some work done (something my boss appreciates too!) 
At Keftzuba, we met children from S'derot and Ashdod as well as a group of young adults with special needs, most of whom used wheelchairs.  Being together, beyond the "red zone," was a comfort to all. 
Thank you again for your support of the children of the South! 

Shira Reifman