Nov 21, 2012  By Jewish National Fund  Category: Education,

Thank you JNF donors

To the dear and generous donors of JNF-America,

Just as I began writing this letter, a siren went off, once again throwing routine out the window... 
So after grabbing my baby and running to the bomb shelter, sitting there and praying that the rest of my children are safe in their school and kindergartens, I am finally back to write this letter of thanks.
Your generous donations have allowed myself and my familyas well as hundreds of other familiesto have a few hours of peace, a few hours without wondering when the next siren will pull us out of our routine, a few hours of feeling calm and serene in an otherwise anxious time. 
We try to be strong for our children, but of course even us grown-ups fear the unknown and even more so with our children's precious lives at stake.  No words can really express our gratitude, for no words can express the constant anxiety that you have alleviated usfrom through your generous donations. 
May you always be blessed and be able to give to others. 
Thank you from all of us, 
Gadi and Efrat Last and the children of course