Nov 8, 2021  By Sabina Katz Tyler  Category: Historical Preservation,

Honoring our daddy, our hero, the Jewish American war vet

Our father -- "Daddy" to us -- was very proud of being a United States Army veteran. He often wore his U.S. Korean War Vet hat, and boy, did he wear it with honor. His shoulders were always a bit broader and he stood a bit taller whenever he had it on. He did always remind us he only served in Germany during the war and not Korea, but a friend sent him the hat and pressed him to wear it regardless.

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Daddy did his basic training at Camp Gordon in Georgia and frequently talked about the blatant racism and antisemitism he witnessed:

"I saw two water fountains side by side. One was marked WHITE, the other was marked COLORED. One was nice and clean and spotless. The other was filthy and cruddy. I went to the one marked colored and drank the water and said out loud, 'This water is also white.'"

This was the epitome of our dad: No matter the year, the circumstances and surroundings, he was always for equality for ALL.

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He was always proud to be an American and proud to have served as a Jewish American.

Jacob Katz would be honored to know he now has a plaque on the Wall of Honor at Ammunition Hill.  My mother, sister, and I are certain that he is looking down and feeling proud all over again.

Thank you JNF for helping us keep his memory alive, and may his memory always be for a blessing.

By Sabina Katz Tyler, Deborah Katz and Christel Sarah Katz