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Dad's heartfelt words to his daughter, an IDF solider with special needs

Israel Air Force member Nofar.

JNF-supported program Special in Uniform integrates young people with disabilities into the Israel Defense Forces so they can contribute to society like all others. Avi Choresh, the father of a Special in Uniform soldier, wrote a letter to his daughter when she completed her IDF service recently. Here it is, translated. 

Nofar, our dear and charming daughter,

Today is a very special and meaningful day for you. And, of course, a special day for us as your family members. We love, cherish, and appreciate you very much for your work and contribution to society and the community.

Today you conclude an important and significant chapter in your life. You are embarking on a new and independent journey, as you return to civilian life, after five years during which you volunteered and contributed as much as you could to the state of Israel.

You spent two years at the agricultural ranch in Holon with Special in Uniform -- a year at the Home Front Command base in Ramla preparing gas masks, and you now completed two years of full service as a regular soldier at the Palmachim Air Force base.

In all places you have been, you contributed, you were loved and appreciated by everybody, and you gained friends and colleagues for life. 
Nofar Choresh, Special in Uniform IDF soldier
Avi Choresh and his daughter Nofar. 
We, your parents and family members, are proud of you and support you with all our heart and soul.

We want to tell you that we are always behind you ready to support, assist, and help in any way required. We fully trust in your abilities and motivations to succeed and to manage alone without our interference.

Choosing a way in life is always difficult. So we want to bless you with continued confidence in yourself. Do what is best and right for you, so that in your new journey you will have a lot of success and joy, and that you will be healthy and happy. 

Remember that we always love and support you, so let nothing scare you. 

May you fulfill all your dreams. Mazal tov and much success on your new journey!

Loving you,
Mom, Dad, Shay, and Aviv