Dec 21, 2014  By Jewish National Fund  Category: Special Needs,

Modern miracle #PoweredByJNF: 'Rescue our residents,' a plea answered

LOTEM - Making Nature Accessible offers educational outdoor activities throughout the country for children and adults with special needs. During Operation Protective Edge this summer, the organization received numerous calls from directors of special-needs facilities in the south of the country to literally "rescue our residents." 

"We are going crazy in the home," one participant from a Be'er Sheva rehab center for adults with intellectual challenges told LOTEM. "It's impossible to continue this way with all the fears."

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LOTEM answered the call, and together with JNF, launched a campaign called "Color Green," which enabled more than 1,200 children and adults with special needs from the south to leave their homes for the north and enjoy days of respite and relief in nature on LOTEM's accessible hiking trail in Nahal HaShofet, in parks, and in the Jerusalem forests. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they got off the bus after being confined indoors was a miracle. 

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