Jan 15, 2014  By Jewish National Fund  Category: Special Needs,

Tu B'Shevat on the farm

Today in Israel, in celebration of Tu B'Shevat, firefighters and fire scouts came together with a special group from the Enosh Hotel. The group started on LOTEM's farm in Emek HaShalom with a Tu B'Shevat tree planting. Then, they baked pita bread on an open fire. An unplanned tour of a firetruck and a talk on fire safety followed, exciting the LOTEM group.  

Afterward, the firescouts and firefighters went for a hike on the inclusive trail in Nahal HaShofet, where they were greeted by Raz, LOTEM's national service volunteer. Raz shared that he was paralyzed at the age of 8 and that is when he began to hike in Nahal HaShofet. The group was very moved by Raz's story and enthusiasm. He explained to the group that would not to go into the details of his accident because he wants to keep the time that the group would spend at Nahal HaShofet a fun and positive experience.  

The day was such a wonderful success -- the LOTEM group was so excited about the firefighters, and the firefighters were so moved by both the group and their experience with Raz on the hike. This will most certainly become an annual event.

Happy Tu B'shevat!