Hosted by JNFuture in Los Angeles and San Diego
JNFuture Jeopardy

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

6:00pm PT




For those missing trivia night with their friends, join JNFuture in Los Angeles and San Diego for a fun and interactive night to test your knowledge about Israel, Jewish National Fund, pop culture and more!


This event is open to anyone aged 22-40.

Please Welcome Your Host


Michael Kagan

Senior Associate of Global Student Leadership for Hillel International


An Israeli-American based out of San Diego, California, Michael was raised with a deep appreciation and understanding of Jewish identity and values. As the son of Israeli parents, and the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, he finds tremendous purpose in giving back to the vibrant community that raised him, including partnering with Jewish National Fund. In his current role, Michael helps the Hillel International community build diverse coalitions on campus, facilitates missions to Israel to introduce non-Jewish student leaders to the beauty and complexity of the Jewish state and serves to unite students all across the movement.

Event Chairs

Rachel Herman, Los Angeles JNFuture Board

Jordan Rosenberg, San Diego JNFuture Board

More Information

Edden Dembsky, Campaign Executive, JNFuture, Greater Los Angeles, Arizona, and San Diego

[email protected] or 323.964.1400 x968