Celebrate Tu BiShvat with JNF

Plant a Tree in Israel.

Connect to Israel and JNF:


Jewish National Fund provides special opportunities to enhance the way you celebrate Tu BiShvat and connect to the land and people of Israel. We proudly think of Tu BiShvat, the world's first Earth Day, as JNF's holiday, as it embodies our dedication to Israel's environment.



Choose the way you participate:


TU BISHVAT IN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAM (for schools of all types):


• Encourage each student to fulfill the mitzvah of tree planting and set a goal for 100% participation from your class and school!

• Pick a goal of how many trees your entire school will plant and encourage everyone to help make it happen. All it takes is 100 trees to receive special recognition in Israel!


Donations and tree forms must be postmarked and sent to JNF by Wednesday, February 13, 2019, to be included in our contest and to win some great prizes! 

Mail to:

JNF Tu BiShvat in the Schools Program

78 Randall Avenue

Rockville Centre, NY 11570


You will receive an email confirmation to the email you provided on your program registration once we receive your tree orders. If you do not receive this confirmation within two weeks of sending in your orders, please email [email protected]


Jewish National Fund Recognizes Students and Schools for Program Participation

Schools that plant 100 trees or more ($1,800+) will receive special recognition listing at American Independence Park in Jerusalem. A certificate will also be sent to the school.


This year, each school that participates in our annual tree sales competition will be entered for a chance to win two round-trip tickets to Israel. In addition, based on your school’s volume of tree sales, you will earn prizes for your school. The more trees you plant, the bigger and better prizes you will earn.


Prize levels are based on collective tree purchases for the whole school. For example, if your school plants 57 trees, you will be entered into the raffle to win a pizza party for your top fundraising class. Donations and tree forms must be postmarked and sent to JNF by Wednesday, February 13, 2019, to be included in our contest and to win some great prizes!

TU BISHVAT ACROSS AMERICA (for synagogues and organizations):

  • Request a speaker for your Shabbat services, Tu BiShvat Seder or special program at no cost to you. JNF is proud to offer Makor, a cadre of trained and dedicated speakers.  Complete this form.
  • Order trees at jnf.org/trees or download this tree order form.


Additional Tu BiShvat Resources are below!

Click here to give us your name and contact information and all the materials below will become live, downloadable resources for you.


Program Ideas

  • Activities for Tu BiShvat Family Fun Event (family - all ages)
  • Tu BiShvat Scavenger Challenge (family - all ages)
  • Tree Horoscopes (family - all ages)
  • Middle School Tu BiShvat Seder (middle school)
  • Tu BiShvat Throughout the Ages (middle-high school)
  • Eco-Zionism: The Connections are Natural (high school)
  • Student Perspectives: Tu BiShvat and Vegetarianism (background information)
  • Secure Your Roots From Generation to Generation
  • Green Log: Trees and the Environment, Discussions and Activities (middle-high school)


Sermons/Divrei Torah


The following is a collection of sermons, compiled over a number of years, appropriate for Tu Bishvat. The sermons were written by rabbis from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. These sermons were gathers to serve as inspiration in understanding and teaching about the holiday of Tu Bishvat. We hope that they will contribute to making Tu Bishvat 5779 a time of growth and renewal for you and your congregation.

  • Rabbi Ilana Berenbaum Grinblat
  • Rabbi David Wolpe
  • Rabbi David H. Lincoln
  • Rabbi Jonathan A. Schnitzer
  • Rabbi Shawn Zell
  • Rabbi Lester Polonsky
  • Rabbi Alfredo Fabio Borodowski
  • Rabbi Michael Cohen
  • Rabbi Steven Fink
  • Rabbi Avraham M. I. Avni
  • Rabbi Donald B. Rossoff
  • Rabbi James Gibson




JNF offers Branching Out: Your Tu BiShvat Haggadah. This unique Haggadah is a wonderful and fun way to enhance your Tu BiShvat Seder. If you wish to download a black and white copy please click here.

Additional Haggadot:

  • Celebrating the Tree of Life by Debra Whitall
  • Seder Tu BiShvat, a Celebration of Israel’s Seasons and of Ecology in the Jewish Tradition, written by Beth Uval, Designed by Dorit Daon
  • JNF Environmental Haggadah
  • Tu BiShvat: A Sanctification of life- All of It by Rabbi Bonnie Lee Leavy and the American Joint Distribution Committee


Additional resources from JNF-KKL in Israel


Tu BiShvat

Tu BiShvat Seder

Tu BiShvat Song Book

Trees of Israel

Questions? Contact us at 212-879-9305 ext. 245 or at [email protected]