Jewish National Fund Women for Israel is a dynamic group of female philanthropists who share a passion for building a prosperous future for the land and people of Israel. Through this society, women connect with each other on many levels—professional, emotional and ideological—with the common goal of changing lives in Israel and supporting the ongoing development of the Jewish homeland. As mothers, daughters, aunts, and friends, JNF’s work touches the hearts of JNF’s Women and inspires them to give in many ways.


Levels of Membership


Five levels of membership offer access to exclusive benefits, educational events, and cultural activities, while connecting members to the land and people of Israel.

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Women's Alliance

Women's Alliance - Women In Philanthropy
Join the Women’s Alliance with a minimum gift of $360 to the annual campaign. Throughout the year, the Women’s Alliance offers a variety of activities including insider briefings on Israel, educational seminars, and recreational and cultural activities ranging from cooking events to evenings with journalists and authors, and more. We invite you to become involved.

Chai Society

With an annual minimum gift of $1,800, women join The Chai Society and receive a beautiful pendant in the shape of the State of Israel, designed and handmade by Israeli artists. Other benefits include high level briefings with Israeli dignitaries, exclusive webinars with key women speakers from Israel and the U.S., invitations to special events and VIP status on JNF’s Queen of Sheba Women for Israel Tour.

Sapphire Society

When a woman pledges $5,000, JNF invites her into the exclusive Sapphire Society, JNF’s major donor division for women. Formed in October 1998, Sapphires share a special bond, through their commitment to Zionism, and are part of an exclusive group of leaders helping to strengthen the Israel. Sapphire Society members receive a beautiful 14-karat gold pin with a Sapphire. For every annual gift of $5,000, a diamond will be added to the pin, up to 18 diamonds. Membership in the Sapphire Society also provides access to elite services and member only events, including permanent recognition in Israel on The Sapphire Wall at American Independence Park, invitations to national JNF events for major gift donors, exclusive webinars with key women speakers from Israel and the U.S., invitations to special Sapphire Society events and VIP treatment on JNF’s Queen of Sheba Women for Israel Mission.

Circle of Sapphire

When a woman pledges $100,000 (which can be paid over time), she becomes a Circle of Sapphire member. All 18 diamonds will be set on the pin and she will receive a Sapphire beaded necklace at the time of the pledge. Circle of Sapphire members also enjoy all of the benefits of the Sapphire Society.