IsraelCast Episode 174

dr shelley-anne peleg

With over 35,000 official archeological sites, Israel’s cultural preservation is a significant undertaking. However, for a country like Israel, a beacon of cultural heritage that places an emphasis on its history and connection to the land, the monumental challenge is worth it. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Shelley-Anne Peleg, a researcher and lecturer at University of Haifa and cultural preservation specialist, on both the challenges and importance of preserving our heritage, some of her favorite historical sites in Israel, and how she discovered her passion for archaeology.

Dr. Shelley-Anne Peleg is a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Israel Studies at the University of Haifa specializing in cultural heritage and conservation methodologies of archeological sites and historical cities. Dr. Peleg has focused much of her work on the Old City of Akko, a region supported by Jewish National Fund-USA. She also lectures at Kinneret College and previously worked for 25 years at the Israel Antiquities Authority, during which she served as the director of the International Conservation Center – Citta` di Roma. Peleg is the founder of Hands-on-Heritage, which initiates various programs for public outreach in all fields of heritage, and she has established national and international curricula and training programs in practical conservation and cultural heritage studies.

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