IsraelCast Episode 165

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Gabriel Groisman has always been a friend to Israel. The Mayor of Bel Harbour, FL from 2016-2022, he quickly established his reputation as a staunch supporter of Israel and the Jewish People through his anti-BDS legislation and outspoken criticism of antisemitism. Now in private practice, Groisman is still active in the pro-Israel community, encouraging others to be as well. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Groisman to discuss his efforts to fight antisemitism as Mayor, advice for Jewish students on college campuses, and the power of Jewish Pride.

Gabriel Groisman was Mayor of Bal Harbour, FL from 2016-2022, where he was the first in the nation to codify a uniform definition of antisemitism. He is a sought-after public speaker, regularly speaking to groups about fighting Jew Hatred, the BDS movement, and related topics. He has been published in outlets as diverse as the Daily Wire, The Huffington Post, and The Jewish Press. Groisman is a Partner at LSN Partners, where he focuses on government relations. He is also a partner at the prestigious firm of Meland Budwick, PA. In 2018, Groisman was awarded the Pursuit of Justice Award by the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

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