IsraelCast Episode 193

Ido Aharoni

Israel’s war with Hamas in the aftermath of the October 7 massacre has reverberated throughout the world, resulting in a dynamic shift in the world. From Arab Israelis to Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East, from U.S. college campuses to the United Nations, Israel’s domestic and international relations have changed forever. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down once again with former diplomat and branding expert Ido Aharoni, who untangles the web of relationships in the Middle East and greater international community, explaining both why Arab Israelis are more supportive of Israel than ever and how the United Nations has failed Israel so soon after supporting its creation.

Ido Aharoni is a 25-year veteran of Israel’s Foreign service and was Israel's longest serving Consul-General in New York and the tri-state area, overseeing the operations of Israel’s largest diplomatic mission from 2010-2016. He now serves as a lecturer at Tel Aviv University’s Koller School of Management and was previously a Global Distinguished Professor for International Relations at New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science. Aharoni is also a member of the International Advisory Council of APCO Worldwide, a Global Ambassador for Maccabi World Union, Chairman of the Charney Forum for New Diplomacy, a Co-founder of Emerson Rigby Ltd, and Founder of the Brand Israel Program.

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