IsraelCast Episode 150



As Jeremy Corbyn rose to power in Britain’s Labour Party, the party grew increasingly antisemitic, isolating both Jews and their allies. Those allies include Rt. Hon Joan Ryan, a longtime member of Labour Friends of Israel who grew increasingly disillusioned at her party’s turn towards Jew hatred. When she finally left the party, she cited antisemitism as the sole reason for her resignation. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Ryan to discuss how she got involved in British politics, why she is such a strong supporter of the Jewish community, and why she doesn’t regret speaking out against antisemitism despite the backlash against her.

Rt. Hon Joan Ryan is the Executive Director of ELNET UK, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening relations between Europe and Israel based on shared democratic values and strategic interests. She previously served for 18 years in the UK Parliament as the Member for Enfield North. Ryan resigned from the UK Labour Party in February 2019, citing the antisemitism crisis within the party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and his refusal to action or condemn it. In June 2019, Ryan was appointed as the Honorary President of Labour Friends of Israel, having been the organization’s Chair since 2015.

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