IsraelCast Episode 187

Jonathan Elkhoury


Originally from a small Christian community in Lebanon, Jonathan El Khoury is now a prominent Israeli activist, working tirelessly to promote ties between Israel and the minority communities in them. His Reservists on Duty project has defended Israel from its detractors on college campuses across the United States, and El Khoury himself has supported the empowering of Israeli Christians and Muslims to enlist in the IDF. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with El Khoury to discuss growing up in and being forced to leave Lebanon, adjusting to life in Israel, and his thoughts on the October 7 attacks.


Jonathan Nizar Elkhoury is an Israeli-Lebanese Christian, LGBTQ+ activist, public diplomacy adviser, commentator, and advocate for Israel. He founded and coordinated the Minorities Project, which features Israeli minorities presenting their perspectives about life in the democratic Jewish state and their contributions to its current success. Elkhoury is the former spokesman for the Christian Empowerment Council. He writes and gives talks about the experiences of Christians and other minorities in Israel. Elkhoury is also a regular contributor in the Israeli media on Israeli-Arab relations, the Israeli-Arab LGBTQ+ community, and the greater Middle East.

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