IsraelCast Episode 103

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Known for the photo that became the face of the historic Abraham Accords peace agreement, Norah Alawadhi is an Emirati pro-peace activist. On this episode of our IsraelCast Abraham Accords series, Norah talks to host Steven Shalowitz about her excitement meeting Israelis for the first time, the misconceptions of women in the UAE, and her desire to try Israeli coffee.

Norah Alawadhi is an Emirati pro-peace activist who has been recognized by the world for her famous picture aside Ronny Gonen, an Israeli travel blogger. They took a picture with the UAE & Israeli flags draped across themselves as they faced Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world. Within hours, this photo went viral and was shared by thousands, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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