IsraelCast Episode 197

Russell Robinson

When Hamas attacked Israel’s border communities in Israel’s south, Jewish National Fund-USA was already there and had the infrastructure to provide rapid aid. Launching its Israel Resilience Campaign, the organization supported evacuations, housing, food, clothing, education, trauma therapy, donating firefighting and protective equipment for civil defense, facilitating volunteer services, and more. And with an eye towards tomorrow, the campaign’s Build Together plan is rebuilding communities from the ground up – cleaning up the region, designing and constructing new homes, and helping small businesses reopen. Jewish National Fund-USA CEO Russell Robinson returns to talk to Host Steven Shalowitz about the organization’s immediate response to October 7, the importance of not forgetting Israel’s North amidst the Israel Envelope relief efforts, and why he’s optimistic about the future of Jewish leadership.

Russell F. Robinson serves as Chief Executive Officer of Jewish National Fund-USA. For 26 years, he has worked tirelessly to fulfill the Zionist organization’s philanthropic vision for the land and people of Israel, creating a new generation of changemakers, represented through its JNFuture donor society for young professionals and its Alexander Muss High School in Israel. Most recently, Robinson led the organization to achieve its One Billion Dollar Campaign, an audacious plan to attract 800,000 new residents to Israel’s Negev and Galilee, bringing the positive impact of Zionism to a new generation.

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