IsraelCast Episode 182

Ruth Wasserman Lande


As Israel enters the ground invasion phase of its war with Gaza, public perception of Israel has fallen in the eyes of many, especially younger people who don’t have all the facts. In addition, international bodies like the United Nations and European Union have skewed pro-Arab to the detriment of Israeli lives. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Ruth Wasserman Lande, a former Israeli Knesset member, to discuss the hypocrisy of protesters supporting those whose values diametrically oppose they’re own, how Israel values Palestinian lives more than their own government, and Iran’s involvement in the attacks.


Ruth Wasserman Lande served in the Israeli Knesset (parliament) as an MK, representing the Blue and White party. She previously served as an Israeli diplomat for 13 years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before this, she held the position of Deputy Director General of the Israeli Federation of Local Governments, working with all Israeli Mayors, both Jewish and Arab, throughout the country. Additionally, Lande established her own strategic local and global consultancy in 2019, which ​assists a wide variety of bodies and/or individuals – both Israeli and foreign – in identifying their needs, creating policy, establishing objectives, and accompanying their accomplishment and fulfillment.

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