IsraelCast Episode 141



Meet the doers of the small, up-and-coming cities of Israel – the amazing volunteers of MAKOM. From cultural preservation to family programs to supporting the elderly, MAKOM is focused on building the land and people of Israel with Jewish National Fund-USA’s support. Most recently, MAKOM has supported Ukrainian refugees by providing necessary supplies and emotional support at the border, as well as supporting the influx of Jewish refugees now in Israel. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Shosh Mitzman, Jewish National Fund-USA’s liaison at MAKOM, to discuss the volunteering and pioneering spirit of Israel, and how aiding refugees goes beyond merely providing food and water.


Shosh Mitzman is the Director of Partnerships and Jewish National Fund-USA’s liaison at MAKOM, Israel's largest national community-building organization, with a network of over 250 groups that develop communities in the Negev and Galilee regions, creating leaders, volunteers, educators, and a future generation of changemakers throughout Israel. Mitzman has developed her nonprofit career by working in various capacities, including management, consulting, and development positions. She also teaches a leadership course for women on local changemaking and community initiatives, and for over 10 years has provided guidance and career consulting for young adults needing positive role models in their lives.

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