IsraelCast Episode 161



When the Russia invasion of Ukraine resulted in the displacement of Jews from the region, Sophia Tupolev-Luz was just looking to help a few of her friends. That initial assistance has snowballed into serving over 15,000 people through co-founding The Reboot Startup Nation. Working with Israeli tech and startup companies, she and her nonprofit help find tech jobs for immigrants, making their transition to Israel easier. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Tupolev-Luz to discuss the origins of her nonprofit, the hurdles displaced immigrants face in Israel, and why it’s so important to support them.

Sophia Tupolev-Luz is the Co-founder of The Reboot Startup Nation, a non-profit rallying Israel to welcome war-displaced professionals and immigrants, through the power of the high-tech sector. Introduced as a response to the Ukraine war in March 2022 and serving over 15,000 people, The Reboot co-creates solutions and connects the dots between the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Under Tupolev-Luz’s leadership, the organization recently launched a community for Latin American immigrants in Spanish and continues to expand. Tupolev-Luz is also a creative communications strategist at Swordpen, where she advises socially impactful technology companies, working closely with their CEOs and founders.

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