IsraelCast Episode 101

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What do the Dallas Cowboys & the Abraham Accords have in common? The both provide a wealth of excitement and promise for United Arab Emirates businessman, Thani Al-Shirawi. For the second episode in our Abraham Accords IsraelCast series, host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Thani to discuss the misconceptions of Emiratis, why Israelis & Emiratis need to “talk the talk” instead of “walk the walk”, and where he wants to visit when he travels to Israel for the first time.

Thani Al-Shirawi is the Deputy Managing Director of the Al-Shirawi Group and a specialist in global heavy-mobility, metal-manufacturing and B2B rentals business. He's a charismatic, innovation-driven business leader who has made an impact in the Emirati community. He's also working to build bridges between the UAE and Israel.

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