IsraelCast Episode 180

Yahya Mahamid


With so many voices speaking out against the Jewish State, it’s gratifying to meet an unexpected ally. Yahya Mahamid was raised by his Arab community to hate Israel and everything it stands for, but through meeting other Israelis, he learned that everything he was taught was wrong. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Mahamid to discuss his journey to supporting Israel, the backlash he faced for it in his Arab community, and his thoughts on the recent terrorist attacks and subsequent war.


Yahya Mahamid is an Arab-Israeli speaker, educator, and activist. He serves as a mentor in various programs and works to empower and integrate youth from Israel’s Arab minority. Mahamid was raised in the city of Um Al Fahm and grew up with a negative image of Israel and the Jewish people, but personal interactions with Israelis challenged and changed his perceptions. Notably, he volunteered as a combat infantry soldier in the Israel Defense Forces and has since dedicated his life to educating others about antisemitism and misinformation about Israel.

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