Big Support For Israel’s Small Businesses

By Debbie Sandler



While the pandemic’s effect on businesses throughout Israel continues to linger, Jewish National Fund-USA is ensuring small enterprises, often mom-and-pop operations, are given a chance to prosper through the creation of its Small Business Association (SBA).


Over the past several years, well-established businesses closed and smaller family businesses often following suit. President of Jewish National Fund-USA, Dr. Sol Lizerbram, cognizant of the potential (and actual) loss of income and job opportunities, created the SBA iniative together with the organization’s Lauder Employment Centre. His creative idea – an association made up of local businesses and home industries in and around Be’ersheba, Arad, Yeruham, and Omer in the South of the country.


At the outset, help was provided in very concrete terms. Some businesses received financial support on their path toward commercial success while others enjoyed the benefits of a consortium, sharing the costs of packing, shipping, and transporting goods to lower costs and overheads.  Workshops were (and are still) provided to set up websites for those without technological or linguistic know-how and perhaps most prominently, the creation of an online store known as the Online Mitzvah Marketplace (, opened a world of opportunity, both locally and abroad—where small businesses in Israel can sell their products to American consumers.


Today, Jewish National Fund-USA’s SBA still offers support, helping businesses and communities grow through networking and shared information resources. Rhonda Forman is a Jewish National Fund-USA ambassador from Boston whose sense of passion, responsibility, and commitment to the people of Israel is known throughout her community. Among her many philanthropic activities, Rhonda continues to volunteer her time, expertise, and resources with the Lauder Employment Centre, which she explains “is essential to the continued growth and development of the South. Jewish National Fund-USA’s proactive measures have contributed to the economy’s growth, encouraging population migration to the South in the same way that we also promotes the Galilee and communities in the North”.


In visting Jewish National Fund-USA’s Online Mitzvah Market Place, users are drawn in by vibrant colors, textures, and vitality of the innovative and unique product offerings.


What’s on offer?


Israeli Bedouin Artisan Zenab creates breathtaking, hand-made ceramics that combine embroidery and hand painting. She also offers visitors the chance to be hosted in her boutique adjacent to her home. There, guests experience a traditional culinary journey followed by a workshop showcasing Zenab’s rich Bedouin heritage, complete with jewelry making and a gallery tour.


Israeli Bedouin Artisan Zenab


Rotem Peretz started Tzidkia Studio on kibbutz Sde Boker, and her work reflects her earthy fabrics and materials, combining multiple art forms, including knitting, sewing, embroidery, and wood carving. She has created a Hannuka set coth pouches for dreidel winnings, wooden dreidls, and Maccabi and Greek figures for unusual timeless gifts.


Dreidels produced by Rotem Peretz's Tzidkia Studio on kibbutz Sde Boker


Yonat Mordoch works in the Artist Quarter of Arad and creates 100% natural and vegan soaps and cosmetics. They are made from local olive oil, Shea butter, organic coconut oil, and natural aromatics. Workshops can be booked in advance, including personalized soap making, preparing a soap mobile, natural candle making, and Aromatherapy and Healing Plants.


Soaps made by Yonat Mordoch


To view the full range of products and to support small Israeli businesses, visit



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