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Israel's Technological Breakthroughs in Environmental Conservation


Eco-Zionism®, a Jewish National Fund-USA initiative, is one of the most successful environmental movements of the 21st century. Yet, it is also a philosophy steeped in 4,000 years of Jewish history. As the founders of the original “Earth Day” embodied through their festival of Tu Bi’Shvat, the Jewish People celebrate the New Year for trees in February with acts of environmental stewardship and tree planting.


Jewish National Fund-USA has supported the planting of over 260 million trees in Israel since its founding over 121 years ago. Thanks to its philanthropic efforts, the Jewish Homeland was one of just a handful of countries to enter the 21st century with a net gain in trees.



Today, Israel has fulfilled its promise as a ‘Light Unto the Nations,’ sharing its technological breakthroughs with the world. And thanks to Jewish National Fund-USA, countless initiatives leveraging Israeli knowhow are empowering people from developing countries. For example, every year, hundreds of farmers from underserved communities in Africa and Asia come to Israel’s Negev Desert to learn how they can grow more with less. Also in Israel’s south, Jewish National Fund-USA brings together leading scientists from Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Territories to solve transboundary environmental challenges such as water pollution and eco-friendly waste management. This is the definition of Eco-Zionism® and it’s powered by – you guessed it – Jewish National Fund-USA.


When it comes to water sustainability, the world looks to Israel. While some of history’s greatest civilizations have fallen due to a lack of water, thanks to Jewish National Fund-USA, Israel became the first nation in historyto face-off against a water catastrophe – and win. Through significant philanthropic investments made possible by Jewish National Fund-USA, over 250 water reservoirs, recycling facilities, and related infrastructure were built to ensure Israel would never again be threatened by water. In fact, today Israel is the world’s number-one user of recycled water – and by a long shot, recycling 93% of all water consumed. In comparison, the use of recycled water in the United States is in the single digits.


Even with everything Jewish National Fund-USA has achieved through its commitment to Eco-Zionism®, the organization continues to find new and innovative ways to connect to nature. For example, it has helped make countless outdoor sites such as forests, parks, and playgrounds accessible to people with disabilities. From basic ramps and rails to all-encompassing sensory gardens, the organization has ensured everyone, not matter their abilities, can enjoy Israel’s spectacular great outdoors.


This is the story the land and people of Israel – a tale as old as the bible yet one that has never been more relevant as it continues to be powered by Jewish National Fund-USA.


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