“High School in Israel Prepared Me for College”

For student Sarah-Anne Seligman, her once-in-a-lifetime experience at High School in Israel brought her closer to the land and people of Israel while preparing her for success in College.

Matt Robinson

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As the daughter of a graduate of Jewish National Fund-USA’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel (High School in Israel) program, Sarah-Anne Seligman always had the desire to study in Israel in the back of her mind. 


Sarah-Ann with friends

Sarah-Anne Seligman (center) pictured with friends on a field trip in the Negev Desert


“He had the best time ever,” Seligman explained when asked about her father’s experience in the program in the 1980s, “and still keeps in close touch with his friends who went with him.” 


After her bat mitzvah, Seligman was presented with material about the High School in Israel program (which is celebrating its 48th year) and decided to keep the family tradition alive. 


“I decided to apply to Muss,” she said, “because I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and I figured that religion was bigger than myself and I chose to be a part of it here.”


Applying in October of 2019, Seligman was invited to attend in the Fall of 2020. 


Though she admittedly entered with measured expectations, Seligman found the program to be challenging and inspiring and already feels that it is has prepared her well for her future.


“I feel challenged and prepared for college,” she said, noting how much time management skills are encouraged in the program.


“There was always something going on in the dorms and sometimes I had to sacrifice socializing for homework.”


Sarah-Anne on campus

Seligman pictured with friends on campus



Seligman has also grown closer to her faith and to other members of the Jewish community while in Israel.


“I…never felt anything like this before,” she said. “I think this program definitely helps prepare for…different cultures.”


Though the pandemic limited Seligman’s access to certain areas of the country, she was adamant that the program exceeded her expectations. 


“I never felt unsafe while on the program. Case closed,” she said. “I would tell anyone who is wary about going to Israel to come because you have never seen or done anything like it before and you feel so connected to something so much bigger than yourself.”


Seligman also credited the program staff with helping her transition and her general feeling of ease. 


“The High School in Israel team made everything such an easy transition,” she said. “I had no worries besides the occasional homesickness.” 


And while she may have missed her home, Seligman also credited the High School in Israel program with offering her a new home while in the Jewish State.


Sarah-Anne at the beach

Seligman pictured on the beach in Tel-Aviv at sunset


“I feel [a stronger tie] to Jewish people and to G-d,” she concluded. “I came with an open mind and everything in Israel worked itself out in such a meaningful way.


I would definitely recommend this program because, not only do you make so many good lifelong friends, you also become closer with yourself and your religion and challenge your opinions and beliefs.”


To learn more about upcoming program dates, available tuition, and financial aid, visit amhsi.org, call 800.327.5980, or email discover@amhsi.org.

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