Maximize Your Charitable Impact with a Jewish National Fund Donor Advised Fund

By: JNF Staff

Donor Advised Fund

The stock market has been great the last several years, reaching near historical levels. If you’re an investor in common stocks, it may be a good time to think about your options as the end of the calendar year approaches. If you are looking to lock in your stock market gains, avoid taxes, and make a difference, a Jewish National Fund’s Donor Advised Fund (DAF) might be right for you.


A Jewish National Fund’s Donor Advised Fund is a smart way to manage your philanthropy. It is a personal giving fund through which you can make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and conveniently direct grants to Jewish National Fund and other charities over time.  A DAF allows you to pass on your philanthropic values in a tax-efficient manner. You also choose how to invest your fund, which will grow tax-free, among six investment pools that are selected and professionally managed.


For a minimum of $10,000—cash, appreciated assets, or both! —a DAF allows your money to appreciate and you can recommend grants as frequently as you like to your favorite charities. You and your family can add assets to your DAF over time, and you can choose a successor grantor, such as children or other loved ones. JNF does everything for a very small administrative fee. A portion of each fund must be earmarked for JNF’s works—ensuring your legacy in the land of Israel.


A DAF is a great way to share and pass on your philanthropic values with family and loved ones. Consider, for example, Marvin and Beth Rosenberg who created a Jewish National Fund DAF during their life and designated their two adult daughters as their successor grantors. The family would come together a few times a year to discuss the different charities they wished to support. The land and people of Israel were important to Marvin and Beth, and each year they would discuss this with their daughters. After Marvin and Beth passed away, all the money earmarked for charity was left to the DAF through their trust. This ensured the Rosenberg’s, privacy, as the individual charities as grantees of the DAF, rather than beneficiaries of the trust, were not entitled to a copy of the trust. Additionally, because Marvin and Beth shared their values over the years with their children, they had peace of mind that their legacy to Israel would continue.


A Jewish National Fund DAF is a versatile way to make an impact, pass on values and with 24/7 online access, you can make grants any time day or night or check your account. It is like having your own private charitable foundation without the cost and time-consuming administrative details. If you have an existing Donor Advised Fund, you may transfer these assets to a JNF DAF without fees or tax consequences.


It’s never been easier to open and manage your Donor Advised Fund. Visit or contact Cynthia Hizami, Esq., JNF’s Director of Planned Giving, West Coast, at 888-563-2008 or


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