Miami JNFuture President is Leading the Next Generation of Israel Advocates

By Rochelle Newman Rubinoff


Emmanuelle Subar is passionate about Israel. A corporate transactions attorney licensed in both California and Florida, she currently serves as President of the Miami-Dade board of JNFuture.


Subar said she is involved with the organization because, “I vehemently believe in JNF-USA’s mission and vision to ensure a strong, secure, and prosperous future for the land and people of Israel, and I want to help JNF-USA achieve that vision.”


Subar’s mother is from Israel, and she grew up in a Zionistic home. “We were always supporting Israel and involved in different organizations,” she said.


Emmanuelle Subar Headshot


After graduating from Michigan State University, Subar moved to Boston for law school, then lived in Los Angeles for four years. She eventually moved back to Miami, but it had been so long since she’d lived there, “I felt like I was relearning everything, including what organizations were around. I’ve always been involved.”


Eventually Subar met Florida JNFuture Associate Director Jeff Greenberg whom she describes as, “a gift to South Florida,” and got involved on the board of JNFuture.


“Over the course of the years, I just kept falling deeper and deeper in love with JNF-USA, their goals and mission,” she said.


Subar said she is “proud to support Israel because Israel is my home. My blood bleeds blue and white; milk and honey; our yesterday and our tomorrow. I am proud because our nation’s democracy stands fierce, while surrounded by advocates of our demise. We are attacked and outnumbered, but we are scrappy and persevere, time and time again. I pray for the day we no longer have to find out just how strong we remain.”


Subar believes that JNFuture, as a community of young philanthropists between the ages of 22 to 40, is JNF-USA’s fastest growing demographic “because of the chilling feeling of urgency. We see the damage of overusing natural resources for decades with no regulations, we are the first generation to see that the societal boxes our predecessors created are no longer working and we have the youth and the fire to do something about it so our offspring don’t experience the same.”


Subar continued, “JNF-USA is such a powerful organization, delivering an immense range of initiatives and partnerships, where, regardless of what your heart yearns for, JNF-USA likely has a project to feed and fulfill your soul.”


JNF-USA is recognizing women’s month throughout May. “As a woman, as an Israel-American Jew, and as an individual, philanthropy is a way to make my dollars and time have purpose. This matters, good things matter—and JNF-USA is a great thing that needs support, time, money, and care,” Subar said.


When asked what she would advise to others looking to get involved with JNF-USA, her message is clear and straightforward: “Do something! Don’t sit there lackadaisically or in frustration. Do something because the easiest way to start is to start. Take control of your journey, create your narrative, and determine your legacy. Incremental change is change. Reach out to me or many of the magnanimous people you’ll find involved with JNF-USA. Start small. If you can’t start big, start small, but do yourself a favor and start.”


In honor of Women’s Month, thanks to the generosity of Jayne Klein and Paula Gottesman, all donations will be matched up to $1 million through May 31, 2021. Go to to donate.


To learn more about JNF-USA’s Women for Israel, click here.


To learn more about JNFuture, click here.


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