JNF Internet Affiliate Program

There is no easier way of earning money for your Congregation or Organization. All you need to do is place a Jewish National Fund trackable banner ad (provided by JNF) on your website and watch your commissions come in. Every time your visitors come to your site, click the link to us through our provided banner ad and purchase any of our products (excluding straight donations, missions, events and shipping and lamination charges), you will earn 20% of that sale.

Register for our affiliate program and to read and sign the terms and conditions of the JNF Affiliate Program.

1) What is the JNF Affiliate Program?
The JNF Affiliate Program is a fast and easy way to add e-commerce to your web site. Each sale generated through the JNF trackable banner link on your site will generate a 20% commission for your organization or affiliation.

2) What's in it for my site, my visitors, and me?
Earn commission on planting trees in Israel, Be Inscribed, greeting cards, Water Certificates, Honor Book Certificates and other items! Enjoy prompt payment, public relations opportunities and affiliation with the most recognizable environmental Jewish nonprofit organization. All this will be available to you as an affiliate.

3) Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
No. It is absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program.

4) Will you provide me with banners and graphics to use for my site?
We will provide you with all the needed banners, graphics, text links, and marketing support. Once you join, we will provide you various choices of banners to place on your site.

5) How do I know what commissions I've earned?
You will receive a quarterly status report should your account generate commissions in any given quarter.

6) When and how do I get paid?
JNF.org will pay you or cause you to be paid, on a quarterly cycle should your commissions reach $100 or more in accordance with the above mentioned commission structure. The check will be for the applicable commission (less any taxes required to be withheld pursuant to applicable law). For any quarter in which your commissions do not exceed $100, then Jewish National Fund shall have the option to pay same or to withhold such payment and add such commissions to the next quarter for which you are entitled to receive a commission check. All checks will be mailed to the billing contact you input on the affiliate application.

7) What products count for commission?
All products on JNF.org count for commission, excluding events, trips and missions as well as any lamination or shipping charges that the person(s) might add to their order. Trees are just the beginning... earn commission on greeting cards, Be Inscribed, Water Certificates, Honor Book Certificates and other items.

8) Can international sites participate?
Yes, international sites can participate.

9) I have more than one URL; can I register each of them?
You may register more than one URL as long as they are different websites and not multiple URLs of the same one.

10) How should I design my web site?
You are free to design your site and promotion as you see fit, as long as it does not violate our Affiliate Agreement.

11) Can I use content from JNF.org on my site?
You can contact us at [email protected] regarding specific content that you would like to use. We will need to approve the use of the content and placement prior to its use.


12) Where do I find the affiliate partner contract? 

You can find the affiliate partner contract here.

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