Nov 20, 2012  By Jewish National Fund  Category: Blueprint Negev,

Central Arava Pillar of solidarity

Dear Friends,

It is in difficult times that we remember that the strength of our people comes from the unbreakable bond and brotherhood amongst all Israelis and between the people of Israel and the Jewish communities in in the Diaspora.

It is in times like these that we acknowledge the true meaning of partnership and friendship and witness the realization of " All Jews are responsible for one another".

Sadly, in the present days, living in the most peripheral area in Israel has some advantages.. Being relatively far from the fire zone, it is our community's duty to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the fire zone all around the south and offer our help.

The Central Arava community has began, with the generous help of JNF and the Jewish Agency to reach out and call upon families to come and stay in the Arava.
As of last week many families from the fire zone have arrived at the Arava and were adopted by the local families from the entire Central Arava community and many more families are arriving at the Arava every day.

This week we will be hosting more than 180 children for several days, offering them some time out from the stressful routine of their lives in the past 10 days.

The Central Arava children, led by the the council, the Arava community center and all the youth groups and educational movements like Central Arava R&D, Lotan's way and the cadets of the Arava pre army program, have  partnered together in order to host the children and entertain them. in addition we will have the privilege of offering some 70 students from "Haogen" community boarding school for youth at risk, a day of educational and fun activities.

We want to thank you all for your support and for enabling us to help others, this is the meaning of a true partnership. when good will meets good people, good things happened.

Our thought and prayers are with the brave people in the fire zone. we pray that peace will soon descend upon us.


Noa Zer
on behalf of the Central Arava Community