Apr 26, 2015  By Jewish National Fund  Category: Blueprint Negev,

Gratitude for a life-saving rescue in the Arava desert

Several years ago, the Jewish National Fund purchased a rescue vehicle for the 90-person volunteer Arava Search & Rescue Team, which fields hundreds of emergency calls per year related to emergencies in the arid desert region. To get a sense of the life-saving work the unit does around such crises as missing persons, heatstroke, and scorpion bites, read the below thank-you note to unit head Elad Seker from the Bar Lev family, which recently got into big trouble on a hike in the Arava and was rescued by the team.

Dear Elad, commander of the Arava Search & Rescue Unit and the amazing staff!!

On a recent Tuesday evening, you rescued our family and accompanied us through a very traumatic event in which we fought for an hour and a half to keep our daughter alive.

After she was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital, you stayed with us until we finished the trail that we were on, in the dark making sure that we were safe and that we got to the hospital in Be'er Sheva -- the moment that we exited the trail.

Your time with us was filled with sensitivity, patience, willingness to help, unlimited support, lots of listening, professionalism, and making us feel safe. We knew we would be safe with you all and that we would be OK.

There are no words to describe the support we received from you and the importance of that support during the time we spent together.

With so much appreciation and gratitude to you, 

The Bar Lev family